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What is Included in a CarValid Vehicle History Report?

Let CarValid Vehicle History report reveal the facts!

Is the vehicle hiding something?

Let CarValid Vehicle History report reveal the facts! Previous events in a vehicle history can have a massive impact on the vehicle’s safe operation as well as its resale value. Getting the facts can help you in making an informed decision so you can make that purchase decision in confidence.

CarValid comprehensive reports can inform you about a wide range of events such as previous accidents, flood damage, hail storm damage, mileage roll back, recalls, liens, taxi or official use, tow/repossession, total loss, lemon law buy back, sale history, salvage records and more...

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Accident History

Accident History Accident History

Check vehicle for accidents. Get accident related details such as dates, severity of damage, location of impact, total loss indicators, salvage auction records and more...

Sale & Lien Records

Sale & Lien Sale & Lien Records

Find out if the vehicle you are intending to purchase has any outstanding liens, loans or repossession events. Access past sale dates, amounts, states of sale, lien holder/bank names and more...

Title brand & details

Title brand & details Title Brand & Details

Uncover vehicle title brand and past title event details! Whether the vehicle was in a previous collision or involved in a theft, flood or any other reason the insurance company branded the vehicle title. We give you the tools to help you decide if you really want to own a vehicle previously written off as a total loss.

Odometer check

Odometer check Odometer Check

Access historical and current odometer readings to check for possible odometer roll back and tempering with mileage readings.

Theft history check

Theft history check Theft History Check

In addition to checking if the vehicle was ever registered as a theft recovery vehicle, CarValid identifies active theft indicators.

Problem checklist

Problem checklist Problem Checklist

CarValid problem checklist may include potential hidden damage and bad history details such as: Taxi/Government use, lemon law claims, record of reconstruction and other past or current undisclosed damage and negative events.

Title brand & details

Vehicle history check Why You Should Always Check a Vehicle History Report

CarValid Vehicle History Reports contain a vast amount of information and are an essential tool for used car buyers and sellers. For the purchaser, a VIN report may provide vital insights into a vehicle's history such as: title records, reported accidents, lien and sale records, odometer rollbacks, recalls, damage history, service history, total loss claims, lemon buy back, flood or fire damage, salvage history, theft records, vehicle specifications and records of commercial or government use. These details can assist buyers in potentially steering clear of unforeseen issues

For sellers, presenting a clean and comprehensive VIN report may help in building trust and overall transparency that may lead to a more pleasant sale process.

So, whether you are buying or selling a preowned vehicle, a full CarValid Vehicle History Report can benefit both parties involved in the transaction. To obtain your vehicle history report begin by initiating a free VIN search and follow the simple steps outlined on each page to access your full report. It's a swift and straightforward process, delivering information in a user-friendly format that can be downloaded and saved locally and shared effortlessly.

Buy your new pre-owned car with confidence.

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